WonderWorks Orlando



9067 International Drive

Pointe Orlando

Orlando, Florida 32819

Written by Julie Greiner

The story goes... a scientific research lab located in the Bermuda Triangle was swept up by a tornado and carried all the way to International Drive in Orlando, Florida where it landed on top of a warehouse with all experiments remained intact.

Upside Down House in Orlando Offering Virtual Experiences

Children of all ages will enjoy this experience, especially children over 30 years of age. This is a three-story classically designed building that appears to be situated upside down atop a 1930's era brick warehouse. This is Central Florida's only upside down building and it features more than 100 hands-on experiences, demonstrations and activities for the entire family. These exhibits utilize some of the most sophisticated graphic and audio presentation techniques available.

The Bridge of Fire and Leave Your Shadow Behind

Visitors can actually leave their shadows behind in this unusual experiment through phosphescence. When walking across the Bridge of Fire, 250,000 watts of static electricity is transferred to your body and a hair-raising experience is felt.

The Wonder Roller Coaster, Hangliding and Earthquakes

The Roller Coaster you have always wanted to ride is now a reality along with 360 degree turns and air conditioning. Take a ride aboard one of the Virtual Gliders and hanglide through the Grand Canyon. This may be the perfect ride for the strong and maybe not so strong at heart who wish they were. Experience and live through the trembling of earthquakes and hurricane-force winds.

The Wonder Roller Coaster, Hangliding and Earthquakes

By utilizing the technology of the magic of the blue screen cinema, one can play basketball with someone twice their size and your friends can watch! WonderWorks is situated only five minutes southwest of the intersection of I-4 and Florida's Turnpike. A must see and visit when in Central Florida.

The Magical Midway

Located at 7001 International Drive, Orlando (2 blocks South of Wet 'n Wild) featuring elevated go-kart tracks, a collection of classic midway rides and some of the most sophisticated thrill rides today. Experience the SPACE SHOT TOWER; hold on to your seat as you lift off at over 3 G's to a height of 180 feet. Make a splash with our squirting bumper boats, bump in the bumper cars, slide down our 60-foot GIANT FUN SLIDE and much more! All this and free parking and admission.

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